Dec. 1-10: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Elk CampLas Vegas, NV

Jan. 5-8: Dallas Safari Club Convention, Dallas, TX

Jan. 19-21: Wild Sheep Foundation Convention, Reno, NV

We are available for other major outdoors expos and conventions at no cost to the event, however, corporate sponsors are needed. 

Over 280,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate disease this year. 

Over 28,000 men will die of prostate cancer this year. 

1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate disease in their lifetime.

Prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in men. 

Almost 2 out of every 3 prostate cancer cases are found in men age 65 and older. 

However, prostate cancer is now being found in men in their 40's. 

Prostate cancer is the easiest cancer to treat- if found early enough. 

Quick Facts: 

-Curt Nizzoli- founder, Executive Director, and prostate cancer survivor

"As outdorsmen, we are quite independent, self-reliant, rugged, and at times we feel indestructible. However, there is a silent killer lurking inside all of us- prostate disease.

Where we'll be in 2016-17:

Outdoors Men's Health was started to bring awareness and education to hunters, anglers, and others who enjoy God's great creation, about this serious risk. No longer an "old guy's disease", prostate disease is now showing up in men in their 40's. However, it's easy to detect and to treat. But you have to talk to your doctor now!"